Six Ways to Survive the Holidays

I’m so excited to share this sweet little video about six ways to survive (and enjoy) the holidays! I partnered up with The Hands Free Revolution (she’s amazing – read her stuff!) and my friends at SALT Project to spread good cheer as we start the most wonderful, and sometimes stressful, time of the year. Hope it makes you smile!

Big Magic

Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert‘s “Big Magic”, illustrator Penelope Dullaghan and SALT Project teamed up to create this summertime “crankie” from an excerpt of the book.

A crankie is a nineteenth-century storytelling art form where an illustrated scroll is wound onto two spools and hand-cranked while a story is being told or sung. We thought this moving panorama would be a fun and sweet way to illustrate the big magic of creativity in the midst of fear!

Video production by the Emmy winning team behind SALT Project.

Oprah Magazine

In this short, sweet film (1:15 mins), Penelope Dullaghan takes us through her thinking and reveals her illustration for O Magazine. This beautiful illustration is for a book review of The Visiting Privilege, a collection of short stories by Joy Williams. Video production by the Emmy winning team behind SALT Project.

Process of a Print

Penelope Dullaghan gives us a glimpse into her meditative, creative process of making a linocut print from beginning to end.  Video production by the Emmy winning team behind SALT Project.

Artist Profile

Everyday Penelope takes a walk down by the river behind her house. It inspires a lot of her artwork and creativity, and it gives her space to think. This fall she collaborated with the Emmy award winning team behind SALT Project to produce an artist profile that gives you a glimpse into her creative process. Check it out below! (It’s only a minute long.)

You can buy prints of the artwork featured at the end of the film here!

Observing the Sky

A short stop motion animation produced for This Joy + Ride. The idea came from this quote:

“This paying attention to the ground of the mind is like observing the sky rather than the things in it. We may notice a bird flying through the sky, but certainly the sky does not become smudged from this movement. Today it is rainy, but somehow the sky does not become wet. Tomorrow it is sunny, but the sky doesn’t ignite into flames. The next day there is an exciting show of thunder and lightning, yet no one rushes around trying to repair the sky. In the same way, when we have the discipline to stay with our practice, we insist on remaining identified with our own neutral witness, the part of us that stays the same regardless of the passing show.” ~ Donna Farhi

Read more about the idea behind this video on the vimeo page description.