I walk down by the river behind my house every day. These walks inspire a lot of my artwork and creativity and give me space to think. Last fall I had a chance to collaborate with the Emmy award winning team behind SALT Project to produce this quick artist profile video that gives you a glimpse into my creative process. Enjoy!

About Penelope

penelope dullaghan illustration

Penelope Dullaghan is an illustrator, pattern designer and creative explorer based in Indianapolis. She has worked with a wide variety of clients, big and small, and has been recognized by Communication Arts, CA Typography, 3×3 Magazine, Society of Illustrators LA, HOW and Print Magazines. She’s also had the honor of judging illustration awards for Communications Arts and CMYK.

Clients Include:

Crate & Barrel, New York Times, Starbucks, Oprah Magazine, Target, Design*Sponge, Cup of Jo, Shambhala Publications, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Vegetarian Times, The Washington Post, Adobe, Papyrus, Panera Bread Company, Edible Silicon Valley, Scholastic Books, Penguin Random House, Baltimore Sun and Indianapolis Monthly.


I am teaching a class about Expressive line at Sketchbook Skool. Find out more here.

Interviews + Press