Two weeks ago I joined an actual yoga class (instead of just doing the videos). I found it on google and did a drive by to see if it looked decent or scary and was kind of weirded out by the fact that it was a residence. An average looking (though, with cool landscaping) house. So I called the number to see if I had accidently driven by the wrong address.

I got to talking to the owner for a while and she seemed nice enough and said she’d give me one free class just so I could test it out and I agreed. So the next Monday I went to class and discovered that I was one of five students in this particular beginner’s class.

I also discovered that I LOVED it. It gives me an excuse and a set time to leave my work behind and do something for myslf. I write it down in my iCal so I have an appointment scheduled and I stick to it.

Last night was my second class and we did some “face yoga” (my word for it, not the teacher’s). Laying in relaxation pose with your eyes closed, the teacher asked everyone to scrunch up there face as tightly as they could, pulling their face in toward their nose. And then relax your face completely. A few times of this, then the opposite: stretch your face out as far as it will go, opening your mouth and feeling like rubber. Then relax again.

And at first I felt completely ridiculous laying there making these stretchy faces. I was also sure that the other students were probably sitting up and staring at me, and I was the only one doing it… with my eyes closed I felt so self-conscious.

And then I let it go. Hey, if there were all staring at me and laughing, then whatever. I was happy to provide a laugh. (I don’t take serious pictures well anyway, so maybe it was just an extension of that). But after I let it all go, I really stretched my face and it felt so good! I giggled… and have been ever since. (I’ve also been thinking that Jim Carey must be a face yoga PRO.)

I met Colin for lunch today (another trick to force myself to take a break…) and told him about the face yoga, demonstrating in the restaurant. At this point, I didn’t care who was watching and wondering what I was doing. It just felt good. And it felt even better to make Colin laugh. hee.

Try it! It’s fun. :)