Bundle Up!

animated gif, illustration by penelope dullaghan

Bundle up! The ice is (apparently) coming!

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Seedling Yoga

Logo design - seedling yoga - illustrated by penelope dullaghan

Logos are sometimes the trickiest bit of business… so much relying on it, what with everything the client wants to convey distilled down into a tiny mark. A simple image that will hold up their brand into the future and be their visual cornerstone henceforth. (No pressure!) But I love a good challenge, so when Seedling Yoga asked me to dream up their logo based on their vision of bringing heart-centered yoga to kids in their community, my answer was a resounding yes. This is the final mark, and I’m happy to say that my client loved it with the entirety of her big heart!

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The BFG – audio book

theBFG, illustration by penelope dullaghan

Over winter break, Colin, Veda and I were on the road a bunch visiting family and friends. Before we left I borrowed the audio book of the BFG, narrated by David Walliams, from the library. And OH MY… it’s truly a masterpiece. I really cannot say enough about the amazing voicework by Walliams. I had to pause the recording several times to marvel at it! And, of course, Roald Dahl’s story can’t be beat. I highly recommend checking it out if you have kiddos – and even if you don’t… it’s a treat. Here’s the amazon link, and I know it’s on Audible, but also check your local library.

(Illustration by me, just because I was so inspired by it!)

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A Letter to My Son About the ‘Dark Ages – for Parents Magazine

parents magazine - illustration by penelope dullaghan

This is my illustration that accompanies an essay entitled: “A Letter to My Son About the ‘Dark Ages’” in this month’s issue of Parents Magazine.

Here’s a snippet:
“I came of age in an era when my mother would allow me to walk to school on my own, and I know you are thinking, “What? All by yourself with no supervision?” but yes. That’s how it was. I would trek for half a mile across the vast supercontinent of Pangaea, where we lived, hoping I wouldn’t be attacked by any sabertoothed cats or stumble into a pond of quicksand, which television assured me was a very real danger.”

The whole essay is a stitch, and you can read it here.

Thanks to AD Maria Stegner for the assignment!

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part 2 – 2017

2017 gum illustration animation by penelope dullaghan

Life in 2016 felt particularly fragile and unpredictable and frightening. Some people I hold dear struggled greatly, as did so many humans I don’t know personally. But I have hope for the new year. Mostly it’s hope that we have the ability to act with intention and compassion. That we can pause and choose kindness and gratitude over being right or being in control. Hope that we can write our own stories.

Thank you for being with me here in 2016, and for your continued support in 2017! Sending each of you wishes for a beautiful new year.


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part 1 – 2016

2016 gum illustration animation by penelope dullaghan

Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2.

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PinCause – a pin celebrating love for the women’s march

PinCause - illustration love - penelope dullaghan

Friends, I am SO excited to tell you about my collaboration with PinCause! In support of the Women’s March on Washington coming up on January 21st, we created a special pin to publicly stand for Women’s Rights in a positive way. The image is the ASL symbol for love painted in lots of colors, representing unity, compassion, and hope that can bring together women, and ALL people, all over the country.

The pins are $5 each, and with every purchase $1 goes to Planned Parenthood and $1 to the ACLU. After you get one, take a selfie and use tag #PincauseLOVE to join us!


Please share to help spread the word!

PinCause - illustration love - penelope dullaghan

PinCause - illustration love - penelope dullaghan

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Merry Christmas Eve!

mistletoe-porcupine, penelope dullaghan

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Squam Art Workshops – Fall 2017

squam art workshop - pattern play linocut, penelope dullaghan

I am so very pleased to announce that I will be teaching at Squam Art Workshops in September of 2017. I’ll be teaching a printmaking class created to introduce you to hand-made surface design. We’ll be exploring the process of making our own linoleum block prints. I hope some of you will be able to join me in beautiful New Hampshire!

Learn more about the class here: http://www.squamartworkshops.com/session/f2017pp/


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block printed gift tags – printable download for you!

My favorite way to wrap presents is with handmade wrapping paper. I love the look of handmade, simple gifts.

The easiest (and most inexpensive) way I’ve found to make my own paper is to go to Lowes or any hardware store and buy a large roll of brown or green kraft paper, and then use a white colored pencil or china marker to draw on it – snowflakes, wavy lines or anything really. You can also use a pencil eraser dipped in white ink to make little polka dots (see photo below). Then I tie up the packages with striped bakers string or a thick colorful yarn.

For gift tags this year, I used linocut stamps I made, dipped in silky black ink. I love how simple and graphic they came out. And I thought you might like them too. So I’m offering them as a free download for you to print. They look best on card stock – bright white or any color that matches your wrapping.

I hope you’ll like them!


gift tags - free printable from illustrator Penelope Dullaghan

gift tags - free printable from illustrator Penelope Dullaghan

Click on the tags image below to open it in a new window and save it (or drag and drop) to your desktop:

block print gift tags - free printable from illustrator Penelope Dullaghan


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