Spirituality & Health Magazine cover – Finding your North Star

penelope dullaghan, spirituality and health cover illustration - finding your north star

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share my latest project with you! AD Sandra Salamony asked me to do the new cover for Spirituality & Health Magazine. The main feature is about Finding your North Star – and it’s a good one. I did the questionaire in it and got surprising results (was not expecting that!). The whole issue is so yummy. Chock full of beautiful illustration.

The idea behind this illustration is that the woman is made up of the universe – full of stars… possibilities and directions. But at her heart center is the biggest, most beautiful one – her north star and her path. Once she gets quiet and centered, it’s more clear and easier to follow.

I love how it turned out. Thanks so much to Sandra for the beautiful direction, as always!

penelope dullaghan, spirituality and health cover illustration - finding your north star

penelope dullaghan, spirituality and health magazine illustration - finding your north star

penelope dullaghan, spirituality and health magazine illustration - finding your north star

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Mini Documentary

A few months back, film maker John Burkett of Red Tide Productions did a mini documentary of me and my work for an artist project he was doing. In the 4 minute film you can see my studio and watch me work, walk with me by the river and hear me chatter about stuff and whatnot. I hope you enjoy the little glimpse!

Thanks, John, for your beautiful eye!

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penelope dullaghan yurt flowers animated gif

I am beyooooond excited!!! In a few weeks, for our anniversary trip, we get to stay in a yurt for two nights. For a very long time, I’ve dreamt of chucking everything and living tiny and more simply in a yurt. I can’t wait to get a taste of what may be. I hope I like it as much as I think I will!

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Skinny dipping!

penelope dullaghan - skinny dip swim animation

Exploring basic animation for a potential new project. I think it kind of looks like she’s flying instead of swimming. But hey, it’s a start!

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Personal Legend Project

penelope dullaghan, inspired by the river - zach dobson, personal legend project

Indy photographer Zach Dobson has taken on the personal project of photographing people who are living their “Personal Legend”, or life’s purpose. Such a cool project! He asked me to be one of his subjects, so a week ago he came over to my studio and took some photos then walked down by the river with me to see how I get inspired. You can take a peek at the rest of my contribution here and the whole project on his blog here.

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dragonflies and lily pads

penelope dullaghan - dragonflies and lily pads

We were lucky enough to migrate south for spring break this year – a brief interlude to the chilly temperatures here in the midwest. One morning during our trip we visited a swamp in the everglades where we walked a boardwalk through thick vines and watery trees. We came out into a clearing that was full of lily pads and dragonflies (and gators) and sunshine. It was beautiful and felt so open.

When we came home I needed to get started on the artwork I was donating to Veda’s school fund raiser. Inspired by that little hike, I set to work and created this piece. I love how it turned out and hope it’ll bring in good bids for the school. :)

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remembering an image

penelope dullaghan, illustration for balt sun zia aida updated

As I was driving the kids to school this morning, I saw a woman in her nightgown, sweeping the street curb in front of her house. I smiled and remembered an illustration I made for the Balt Sun 10 years (!) ago of that very image. When I got home I opened it back up and futzed with the colors a little bit, but it’s still one I like very much. I’m glad to have remembered it.

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matisse-inspired play

This weekend I found myself completely obsessed with Matisse’s paper cut work. I’ve had a book on my shelves for years, so I cracked it open again and got lost in his world of shapes and color and composition. It inspired a bit of playful exploration. Cutting shapes and thinking more about how to simplify my imagery… How to use simple shapes and color for more a more graphic approach to my work. It was fun to explore and think and dream. In the process, I did some little studies to share:

Negative paper cut and placed above a painted surface. (My favorite Prussian Blue of course.)

penelope dullaghan : matisse inspired play : blue shapes

The opposite: the actual cut pieces arranged on a white surface.

penelope dullaghan : matisse inspired play : positive shapes

A selfie?

penelope dullaghan : matisse inspired play : selfie

What happens if we look at the shadows?

penelope dullaghan : matisse inspired play : shadow

It’s always fun to play… my favorite way to learn. :)

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confident, connected parenting

penelope dullaghan illustration : birds parenting

A logo mark drawing I made for a friend’s start up organization that helps support connected and confident parenting.

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spring break prep in indiana

penelope dullaghan _ spring break prep in indiana

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