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Suuuuuper excited that Design*Sponge is featuring free pattern downloads from me each day this week! This is the first one – inspired by the colors I spy on my autumn walks. I think these will make great wallpapers for your devices. :) Big thanks – and a hug – to Grace and Caitlin for supporting and sharing my work! xo

Grab the first pattern (bigger, and offered in vertical or horizontal) here:

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What will Indy look like in 200 years?

Pattern is a magazine championing fashion and “maker” communities in Indianapolis. For their most recent milestone issue, they asked eight local illustrators for their interpretations of what Indianapolis would look like in 200 years. Here’s my take on it.

pattern magazine, penelope dullaghan

pattern magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

pattern magazine, illustration close up, penelope dullaghan

pattern magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

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2016 Advent Calendar

sage illustration animation - downloadable advent calendar by penelope dullaghan - coming soon

The 2016 advent calendar I created in collaboration with my pals at SALT Project is now live in my etsy shop! It’s a $12 instant download that will help you celebrate the Christmas season in a slower, artful way. From my heart to yours. Check it out here: Advent Calendar!

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2 new prints – for pet lovers

cat curled illustration by penelope dullaghan

dog playing illustration by penelope dullaghan

I just added 2 new prints to my etsy shop – for dog and cat lovers! I’m trying out the auto shipping calculator to help save you $ on shipping. Let me know if you like it!

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advent calendar – coming this week!

donuts illustration animation - downloadable advent calendar by penelope dullaghan - coming soon

This weekend is the end of fall break. I’ve taken two weeks off with Veda to camp, visit orchards, make applesauce and veggie broth, play and draw and read. I’m feeling renewed and excited to get back to work next week. And to launch the downloadable advent calendar I’ve been hinting about. I really hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

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first collection – sneak peek

zippered pouch, fabric design illustration, penelope dullaghan

Another sneak peek into my first little collection coming out super soon! My mother-in-law is finishing up the sewing this weekend, then it’s snapping photos and getting it ready to finally show you! I’m so excited and really hope you’ll love what you see! :)

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jack-o-lantern illustration animation gif : penelope dullaghan

We carved pumpkins today! Which, of course, I had to illustrate and animate right quick. :) Veda carved a bat, with a little help from Colin. I made mine into a cat.

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The Bluestocking : Portrait Collaborations

portrait project, penelope dullaghan

A while back Colin found an old yearbook from the 30s in a thrift store, and I’ve hung onto it ever since. I love the photographs — each student got her own full page — and I find it irresistible to imagine what these young girls, who would now be very old women indeed, were like.
I had the idea to illustrate portraits of them, and asked Colin (who’s a writer) if he’d come up with a line that could go with each woman’s expression. Veda, singing all the while here in the studio, insisted on being the “editor” of the piece – making this a rare collaboration by the whole family. Here are the first two.

portrait project, penelope dullaghan


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camping, solar-powered

pop up camper illustration, penelope dullaghan

Did I mention here that we bought a little new-to-us pop up camper? I’m really excited about being able to camp a little more comfortably. Not that I’m opposed to sleeping on the rocky ground when the blow-up mattress inevitably pops or waking up freezing all the way down to your bones. The hiking, nature and internal compass re-setting is worth it, right? Ahem. Well, yes, but I thought it was time to upgrade to a teeny camper. One with a real mattress (albeit a thin one), easy propane cooking and shelter from the rain. And I love it!

It’s great having everything already packed so I’m not frantically packing tubs of dishes, towels, etc at the last minute. (I always forget something essential doing that.) Everything we need (which isn’t much, truth be told – simplicity!) is already in the camper. So all I need to gather are food and clothes. Can do!

Fall break is here starting tomorrow, and we are heading out to camp for the next week. Colin got this insanely awesome idea to set up small solar panels for our new-to-us little camper (which I had to illustrate, of course)! We’re super excited to see how they do – and to (kinda) live off grid for a bit.

solar panel sun illustration, penelope dullaghan

I still dream about off-grid yurt living, but it’s not in the cards for the near future. So this is a little taste of that in a cheaper, less radical life changing way. I’m excited!

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caged bird – simplicity, before and now

caged bird illustration by penelope dullaghan

caged bird, illustration by penelope dullaghan

A few weeks ago on social media I started showcasing archived work for Throw-back-Thursday #tbt. It’s been interesting to revisit past work and take a peek at how my style has changed, shifted and changed back over the years. I made the piece above, “Caged Bird”, a long time ago now. It was well-liked, and I loved how simple it was. Basic shape and color. Striking image. Done. But then shortly after this piece, my style shifted to be more complex and detailed. I drew with more lines, scenes were more elaborate and there was more experimentation with different media (something I’ll always do, I think).

But lately, just this year I guess – I find myself shifting back to simpler images. Bolder blocks of color, simpler shapes, fewer lines. I’m not exactly sure why, but it feels like it fits right now. I like that it feels easy and free. And I’ve been getting lots of great work from clients in this simpler style – so that’s telling I guess.

I don’t know if there are any conclusions or AHAs moments here. Just observing.

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