New illustration – and print

penelope dullaghan - optimism giraffe - head above clouds

A new illustration to share! This one is inspired by my mom who is the most positive person I know. Whenever there’s trouble she calmly rises above it and meets the bright side. One of my favorite things she says is: “It’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

You can purchase of print of this piece on Etsy!

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New Etsy Shop – and a giveaway!

penelope dullaghan - new etsy shop

Friends! I just opened up a new print shop on Etsy, selling loads of fun things for your walls! And I’m doing a giveaway on Instagram to celebrate! Just comment on this post before Friday and tag a friend, and if you’re picked the two of you will win a free print of your choice! Check out the selection of goodies here!

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simple salad dressing recipe

penelope dullaghan recipes

Last week we had some friends over for dinner, and I made a mixed green salad with homemade dressing and pasta for the meal. Easy peasy! The next day my friend emailed me for my salad dressing and pasta sauce recipes. They’re so good I thought I’d share them here, too. Above is the simple salad dressing recipe. Pasta sauce coming up when I get a minute. :) I hope you’ll try it and enjoy!

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hand-painted wrapping paper

I love making my own wrapping paper. It’s fun to give gifts with hand-made elements and unique paper. Sometimes I do carved block prints. Sometimes it’s simple drawings. This time (for my sister-in-law’s birthday this past weekend) I did bold hand-painted squiggles. I mixed up her favorite color, put some large kraft paper on the floor and made big shapes. I think it turned out fun. And she liked it too. :)

And it inspired a daily pattern (the last image on this post). I like the bold strokes… tea towels? pillows? (I’m working on making my patterns come to life somehow. Stay tuned!)

penelope dullaghan - hand painted wrapping paper

penelope dullaghan - hand painted wrapping paper

penelope dullaghan - hand painted wrapping paper

penelope dullaghan - pattern from hand made wrapping paper

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abstract throw pillow design

penelope dullaghan - throw pillow design

I was curious about how my fun little abstract paintings might look on pillows. I want one! Would a fabric company please pick me up already?!?! (How’s that for putting it out there to the universe!) Hee!

(I posted this pic on Instagram as well and have been getting some great feedback and suggestions! Thanks for all the resources, ideas and names you can share!)

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gator pattern

penelope dullaghan - patterns alligators

I’ve been super busy working on a couple of new projects, one of which includes these alligators. But I needed a break so I put together this quick daily pattern. :)

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HooDoo Series interview

penelope dullaghan studio

I was recently interviewed by photographer Amy Glass for her HooDoo Series. Check out the images and interview here!

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Love wins!

penelope dullaghan - patterns - rainbow - love wins

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100th pattern!

penelope dullaghan - patterns - graphic


penelope dullaghan - patterns - graphic


penelope dullaghan - patterns - graphic


penelope dullaghan - patterns - graphic


Today marks the 100th pattern I’ve designed since January! Woot!

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Five food patterns

penelope dullaghan - patterns - food

penelope dullaghan - patterns - food

penelope dullaghan - patterns - food

penelope dullaghan - patterns - food

penelope dullaghan - patterns - food

Five work days this week – five new food patterns. Do you have a fave? (Veda’s school ends next week… I have a feeling my pattern-making is going to slow down significantly.) :)

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