Illustration for The Boston Globe

Hi friends! I’m having so much fun illustrating for a whole lot of new clients lately. One of which is The Boston Globe who commissioned me to do a small editorial piece for a story called “Life was rosy in Salem’s Pink Castle.” The article was about a home built by hand by a couple college kids in the 50s. They started off making the house pink stucco and over the years changed it to brick. But it’s still a funky house in their neighborhood.

I thought it’d be fun to take the idea of a house that stands out and draw it as the original pink. As the title suggested, I made it a castle and placed it next to two normal looking houses. Then I decided to keep going with that pink to really make it pop off the page. Kind of fun! Here’s the final illustration:

penelope dullaghan for the boston globe - illustration

penelope dullaghan for the boston globe - illustration

And the sketches leading up to it:

penelope dullaghan - sketches - boston globe

penelope dullaghan - sketches - boston globe

penelope dullaghan - sketches - boston globe

Thanks to art director Jane Martin for the work!

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Video – and a new piece

I recently had the great pleasure of collaborating with video production company Salt Project on an artist profile piece. I came up with a new illustration and they documented the story of how it came to be in a quick 1-minute video. In it you can see the river behind my house that inspires so much of my work, get a peek into my working in the studio and also meet my new dog Lucy at the end.

The Salt Project team was amazing to work with – from the beginning their creativity blew me away! They had a clear vision for how this piece would flow, and they followed through with it quickly and in the most charming way you can imagine. :)

I hope you like it!

And here is the new illustration that inspired it all:

penelope dullaghan - universe in my shadow illustration

penelope dullaghan - universe in my shadow illustration

Now available as a print in my Etsy Shop!

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New print – and a coupon

penelope dullaghan - autumn bike ride

Hi there! I just popped this autumn print into the shop! To celebrate the change of seasons happening this week, you can use coupon code “HAPPYAUTUMN” to get 15% off your orders through Sunday! Visit the shop here.

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an illustrated opinion – no real fur

A few months ago I was approached by Fauxmood, a fashion group out of NYC that believes in cruelty-free style. They were starting a collaboration with artists and invited me to offer my opinion up in visual form about the role of real fur in the fashion industry. I said yes, and then went about exploring my feelings on the subject.

I don’t often get the opportunity to offer up my opinions when it comes to my work. Usually I’m just asked to illustrate a particular story written by someone else, and I get to make their ideas visual. So this was a rare occasion. What did *I* think?

As I was exploring, I kept coming back to the idea that an animal is a sentient being, worthy of life and breath, just like every human being on earth. They feel pain just like a human. They value their lives just like a human. So what if the tables were turned? What if it was a fox as the fashion model icon, and she was wearing a dead woman around her neck? Hmm… that flipped relationship stopped me in my tracks. And I went for it.

Below are the results. Find out more about Fauxmood’s project, and see other artists’ opinion pieces here on their website.

penelope dullaghan : foxy illustration - no fur

penelope dullaghan : foxy illustration - no fur

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Sharing a brand new illustration! I call it “cell phones rule” and it’s my piece for 3×3 mag coming out in January. I feel like I took a little more risk with this one, but I’m sticking by it. It’s my commentary on how people can be so into their devices that they don’t notice what’s happening around them. (Me included sometimes.) So next time you sense a giant squid attacking a diver, LOOK UP! ha!

penelope dullaghan - cell phones rule illustration

penelope dullaghan - cell phones rule illustration

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silkscreen print

Here’s how my first silkscreen turned out! I am in love with this process and can’t wait to see how color separations might look with this key drawing.

penelope dullaghan silkscreen print


penelope dullaghan silkscreen print close up

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silkscreen class

Last week I started taking a silkscreen class at the art center near my house. I haven’t done silkscreening since college, and it sounded like fun. Also, I’ve realized that my art grows so much from playing around with different mediums. So I decided to play with this!

We’re screening our first images tonight, and I thought I’d share the drawing I’ll be working with. I’m really excited to see how it turns out!

penelope dullaghan silkscreen image

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New illustration – and print

penelope dullaghan - optimism giraffe - head above clouds

A new illustration to share! This one is inspired by my mom who is the most positive person I know. Whenever there’s trouble she calmly rises above it and meets the bright side. One of my favorite things she says is: “It’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

You can purchase of print of this piece on Etsy!

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New Etsy Shop – and a giveaway!

penelope dullaghan - new etsy shop

Friends! I just opened up a new print shop on Etsy, selling loads of fun things for your walls! And I’m doing a giveaway on Instagram to celebrate! Just comment on this post before Friday and tag a friend, and if you’re picked the two of you will win a free print of your choice! Check out the selection of goodies here!

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simple salad dressing recipe

penelope dullaghan recipes

Last week we had some friends over for dinner, and I made a mixed green salad with homemade dressing and pasta for the meal. Easy peasy! The next day my friend emailed me for my salad dressing and pasta sauce recipes. They’re so good I thought I’d share them here, too. Above is the simple salad dressing recipe. Pasta sauce coming up when I get a minute. :) I hope you’ll try it and enjoy!

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