Happy Thanksgiving!

live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! This morning Veda and I wrote down 10 things we’re grateful for. Here’s my list:

1. work that brings me joy and builds connections.

2. my good health.

3. slow mornings reading at the table with coffee and my favorite breakfast (ezekiel raisin toast with sharp cheddar cheese).

4. gray days that give permission to cozy up on the couch and look out the window.

5. friends that bring over full baskets of goodies and smiles.

6. hand-written letters from my pen pal.

7. grapefruits in the winter.

8. making cookies with Veda – and for the first time baking felt effortless.

9. tv shows that grow compassion and understanding (I’m thinking of “Call the Midwife” – a show I’m loving).

10. you. I am so grateful for every like, kind comment and supportive gesture you reach out with here. Thank you!

If you’d like to say something you’re grateful for also, I’d love to read it!


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Collection #1 launch!

penelope dullaghan, collection 1 launch

Hi friends! It’s finally here! I just launched my little first collection on Etsy. And I’ve got butterflies.

Many of you have been encouraging me to do this for some time – and I thank you so much for the push. It started with making patterns, then getting three of them printed, dreaming up fun products, partnering with my seamstress mother-in-law to make them come to life, then getting them to you. I really hope you like them!

I have beautiful aprons, zip pouches, napkins, etc all with 3 fabrics I designed. There are very limited quantities of each so I could test these new waters safely.

Many, many thanks to all your support of my tiny art adventures. Please visit my shop and check it all out!


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I still believe in an inclusive America

i believe in an inclusive america, penelope dullaghan illustration

Commissioned by Cup of Jo. We need to practice love and tolerance even more now.

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voting day

voting day animation, penelope dullaghan illustration

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Live Happy with gratitude

I love the concept of making gratitude a habit to stay positive and remember how blessed we are. So when Live Happy art director Kim Baker emailed asking if I’d do an opener and spot illustration about being thankful, I jumped at the chance to put art to that idea.

My favorite tip from the article: Ritual #2: Write down three positive things you’re grateful for before bed every night.

We do something similar to this in our household. When we put Veda to bed we talk about our “rose, thorn & bud”. The rose is the best thing that happened that day, thorn is the worst and bud is something we’re hoping for. I really like it because sometimes we’re so busy getting dinner ready, finishing chores and living life that chatting about our day gets pushed aside. So it’s a quiet time of reflection that I look forward to. :)

Oh yes, the illustrations:

live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

live happy magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan live happy magazine

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Happy Halloween!

happy halloween ghost gif, penelope dullaghan

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pattern giveaway on Design*Sponge!


Suuuuuper excited that Design*Sponge is featuring free pattern downloads from me each day this week! This is the first one – inspired by the colors I spy on my autumn walks. I think these will make great wallpapers for your devices. :) Big thanks – and a hug – to Grace and Caitlin for supporting and sharing my work! xo

Grab the first pattern (bigger, and offered in vertical or horizontal) here: http://www.designsponge.com/2016/10/free-pattern-download-from-illustrator-penelope-dullaghan.html

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What will Indy look like in 200 years?

Pattern is a magazine championing fashion and “maker” communities in Indianapolis. For their most recent milestone issue, they asked eight local illustrators for their interpretations of what Indianapolis would look like in 200 years. Here’s my take on it.

pattern magazine, penelope dullaghan

pattern magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

pattern magazine, illustration close up, penelope dullaghan

pattern magazine, illustration by penelope dullaghan

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2016 Advent Calendar

sage illustration animation - downloadable advent calendar by penelope dullaghan - coming soon

The 2016 advent calendar I created in collaboration with my pals at SALT Project is now live in my etsy shop! It’s a $12 instant download that will help you celebrate the Christmas season in a slower, artful way. From my heart to yours. Check it out here: Advent Calendar!

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2 new prints – for pet lovers

cat curled illustration by penelope dullaghan

dog playing illustration by penelope dullaghan

I just added 2 new prints to my etsy shop – for dog and cat lovers! I’m trying out the auto shipping calculator to help save you $ on shipping. Let me know if you like it!

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